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        Parallel co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

        Parallel Co-rotating twin screw extruder :


        1.Both screws and barrels were designed using the building block principle. The screw configuration, barrel setup, screw L/D, the number and protocol of feeding

        and venting, screen change, way of granulating, and the requirements, in consideration of the machine’s versatility in other general applications.

        2.Designed by CAD, the closely intermeshed screw elements have excellent self-wiping characteristics, and can be interchanged with each other easily.

        3.The newly designed torque distribution system,high-precision grinding of hardened gear teeth, imported high quality key bearings, and the interlocking system.

        4.Due to its low vibration and low noise level, the main extruder can be installed on most solid grounds with no need for any special base.


        Parallel Co-rotating twin screw extruders are used as mixing equipments, In processing high molecular materials, the modification process and master batch                     preparation of polyolefin materials and engineering plastic require sufficient and intensive mixing, which differs depending on material systems. Excellent equipment performance,   reasonable mixing process, advanced combination technique and rich processing experience are the key factors determining the success and efficiency of mixing.

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